Haiz. I feel sad about myself.

SPM Result 2010

Let me straight to the point : I got “boh quality eh” Straight As. 5A+ 4As.

5A+ is for my BI, Math, Add Math, Moral, Sejarah

4As is for BM, Physic, Biology, Chemistry.

Honestly, I didn’t know what i get until I saw my result slip even after they called my name to the stage. I blur blur walked up there and reluctantly hug that headmistress. Totally feeling high at that moment. In fact, I already felt some kind of weird happy feeling the night before. Don’t ask me why because it is a mystery.

Okay la, although I got straight As, I don’t think my As are as “tat chi” as other people’s As. My brother said that himself. I kinda agree with him. Especially my add math. I NEVER! I REPEAT NEVER! get an A for that subject in any school exams. Most of the time I get grade C for it. “An chua pun” I still grateful for what I got since if anyone ask what I get, I can still say the term “Straight As”. I will just say boh quality eh As if that person asks any further.

My brother promised to buy me a laptop if I get good results. Well, boh quality eh As still beat his 5As. So, I’m getting one soon. I can see my parents really happy with that although my mom still “boh geh” because her gum in her mouth is swollen.  That’s the reason my parents didn’t come to school with me on that day.

Now, my high feeling is gone. Really headache right now of all the scholarship applying stuffs and where-to-study question. Emo at some point. Been actually feeling this emo feeling since quitted my job in tesco.I really wish I know what’s wrong with me but I can’t.

(Depression/ Stress/ Weird symptoms of high feeling/ Mistakenly eaten some dosage of drugs/ Knew that 2012 movie is true!/ Play maple too much?!)

<---- U choose the answer for me.

Lastly tribute to all my top scorer friends in St. George’s! Congratz to all of u guys!

spm1 n_40ecstatic

*Sorry, i stole these pictures from TheStars Website*

My Lucky Car Test

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At first, I’m too lazy to update my blog. Since this event so meaningful to me, okayla. Give face to my friends.



So far, this car thing is probably the worst and most painstaking process that I have gone through. Scolding, heart beating like crazy, palms sweating, paying money here and there summarize everything. The bad mood is there every single night before the car practical day. Luckily, this Uncle Phang is a nice 80++ years old ah pek. Or not, when I go work in tesco, I will simply throw my stuffs. Oh, for my blog readers who happens of not having a facebook account, I’m working in Tesco Xtra now. I didn’t update my working experience here since it’s not a meaningful event for me(except the interview nia).



Last night, I was having a hard time doing anything! Watch tv discovery channel, it shows one of the tractor the lumber workers driving broke down.(Make me more nervous). Play maple also, things so expensive cannot buy anything for my character. But, I feel much better after pai liau angkong. Seriously, I wasn’t really feeling this “high” during my spm time.



I didn’t even sleep enough also, about 5 hours nia. I was like napping the whole way from 8am something to 10am. Thank god my lucky number is 19. I thought number 18 was lucky until that person(also my REX driving school) failed the road test. Really sayang one her case…….She didn’t even get to go out from the gate already the tester failed her. A car suddenly turned into the institute when she was about to go out time. So, tester said to her” Berhenti sajalah sini”. Pissed her off so much. WAIT MY STORY LE!…

Luckily, I managed to stop in time at the yellow line there. Thanks to “lau jiau(pro) driver, Dianne for telling me her super top secret. Parking and 3 point turns okay la. My road test also overall okay la(ah boh i pass meh)*boasting*. But, when i was about to u-turn time, the traffic light suddenly change colour. Make me stop over the white line. In the end, I got 16/20 marks. Surprisingly, this tester dude is the same guy who failed my friend at the gate there. See, cheh see kiuh hok kee la.



The 20 Dumbest Questions on Yahoo Answers

The 20 Dumbest Questions on Yahoo Answers

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Days After SPM

So, this have proved that you can survive Sedia Pergi Mati test. See… I’m still alive. Just remember to buy an extra expensive alarm clock and prepare a pencil box full with your “ka chang”.

Okay, some updates what have happened during that period:

  • About 1 month++ before that exam, my computer and my MP3 player broke down. My PS2 joined them as well. I tried putting about 100 game disks into the PS2 and only 20 of them works. Thank god, I got Astro packed with channels HBO, Max and StarMovies.


  • During the exam month, time passed by so slow especially the intervals between exam days. But, opposite things happen during exam time itself. You went into the exam room at about 7.45am and wink your eyes for a moment, you already walking out of the room at 12.00pm. Overall, the whole SPM thing was not as bad as I thought(most probably we got tips that are partly correct) but still, I’m not sure how’s my result later. Flying colours or sitting colours…… only “ang kong” knows.


  • After finishing it, I’m learning my to drive car now. Waiting my “L” license at this time. Seriously, this another test to prepare yourself for adult life. I got scolded every single second in that kancil. Ya, I know this happens to almost everyone who went through. Some funny events so far:
  1. Almost about just 1 hour plus of driving, that lady called me to drive out the road so that she could collect her money in the housing area nearby. “See hui” at the traffic light there.
  2. I was doing something with my shoes when she said “Tau lu eh sok kee lai”(Take our your tali). So, I mah take out my shoes punya tali. She said, “What are you doing? I called you to take out your seatbelt!!”. I felt like a real idiot at that time.
  3. I don’t know how to put down the handbrake. She commented, “An neh eng eh mee kia pun mm chai”. I thought when wanna put down time just push the button and put down right. Shit! Must pull up then press the button. Bodoh me..


  • Ah, still have to go through all that again for like 5 more times of practical and 1 ultimate test. I go sleep better, I can go drive anything I like in my dream.


-T.H.E E.N.D-

I gotta feeling…

that tonight’s gonna be a good night…..